If your brand was a Hollywood actor… Part 1

Joel Gerschman, Managing Director, The Change Coach

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Is your business an all-round nice-guy Tom Hanks type, a fun Adam Sandler, or maybe an elegant Cate Blanchett? Business coach and digital marketing guru, Joel Gerschman, reckons that adopting a Hollywood archetype can help you differentiate yourself from the competitive online world. Joel Gerschman is a leading business coach, best-selling author, co-founder of Digital Autopilot and CEO of The Change Coach, one of Australia’s leading digital marketing agencies. He runs through 12 archetypes, all of which convey a meaning to help customers relate to a brand.


Find out more about Joel Gerschman and his digital businesses at Digital Autopilot www.digitalautopilot.com.au and The Change Coach: www.thechangecoach.co