It’s not you, it’s impostor syndrome

Suzanne Mercier, Author and behaviour change expert

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Think you’re kidding everyone with your leadership abilities? That’s how it feels when you suffer from the Impostor Syndrome. People look up to you, they respect and admire you – but within yourself, you don’t feel worthy of that respect, you feel like a fraud, a fake, you feel you’re kidding everyone and any moment now, someone’s going to tap you on the shoulder to say your inadequacies have been discovered.

Susanne Mercier used to feel like that too. As an author and behaviour change expert, Suzanne says many business leaders do and she discusses why you might have it, what it’s like, and what you can do to overcome this debilitating syndrome to start appreciating your true worth and genuine leadership capabilities. Suzanne says it’s a liberating experience and you’ll never look back.