Navigating uncertainty with an adaptive mindset

Professor Martin Bean, CEO, The Bean Centre

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Rarely do we know when crisis will strike – a pandemic, war, or a GFC-like event – but if it does happen, the impact on your business and staff could be just as seismic. So how can you prepare for a potential disaster?

It helps to have an adaptive mindset, insists Prof Martin Bean, CEO of The Bean Centre, and former Vice Chancellor of RMIT University, during the lockdown days of COVID-19. He has co-authored a book, ‘Toolkit for Turbulence: The mindset and methods that leaders need to turn adversity to advantage’. An adaptive mindset, he says, equips you and your team to deal with fast and unpredictable change, to navigate in uncertainty, to collaborate on complex entangled problems, and to embrace ambiguity and paradoxes.