The future of the economy is circular

Yasmin Grigaliunas, Founder and Chief Evangelist, Circonomy

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First-world democracies are not only waking up to the mass consumer wastage crisis but developing an entire economy to support a more sustainable approach to the things we have – it’s known as the circular economy. Yasmin Grigaliunas is an entrepreneurial force and the Founder & Chief Evangelist of Circonomy, formerly The World’s Biggest Garage Sale – a profit-for-purpose business, that’s seen Officeworks acquire a 21% stake.

She talks about the start of her upcycling journey and how the rolling success has meant scaling not just the business, but the broad impact on community. In January of 2022, Yas was also named on the Global 100 Inspirational Leaders list, alongside the likes of Jacinda Ardern, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and Sheryl Sandberg – an enormous achievement.