Alan Manly, CEO, Group Colleges Australia

Self-motivation driven by a personal need to prove oneself is the first key to entrepreneurial success. Alan Manly believes this internal drive can be both a powerful motivator and a harsh critic.… Read more

Leah Mether, Communications Specialist

Disagreements are crucial for a high-functioning team that makes effective decisions. However, we’ve lost the art of disagreeing effectively, which can lead to unnecessary conflict.… Read more

James Smith, CEO, Smith Brothers Media

Consumers trust word of mouth 2.4 times more than branded content. With this in mind, James Smith, CEO of digital agency, Smith Brothers Media, believes that making people feel like they’re part of the experience, and having users generate their own content for your brand can be a match made in heaven.

Trent Innes, Chief Growth Officer, SiteMinder

Investing in your customers’ growth is a smart strategy, according to Trent Innes, Chief Growth Officer at SiteMinder. Trent calls this approach “win, love, grow”, by focusing on continually winning the customer every month, not just at the point of sale.… Read more

Christopher Melotti, CEO, Melotti Content Media

Now is the perfect time to reassess your current marketing strategy for the year ahead. Now’s the time to reflect on the last six months, make adjustments and revise new targets.… Read more