Professor Robert Brooks, Professor of Economics, Monash University

What is the economic outlook for 2024 and how will depleted household savings influence the situation? Monash University Economics and Business Statistics Professor Robert Brooks, explains the reasons behind a more cautious approach to consumer spending, which may impact many small businesses.… Read more

Colin Pearce, Business Coach

If you ask questions and listen to the answers, you will learn what your customers want. Selling becomes easier and you don’t have to talk so much, says sales expert Colin Pearce.… Read more

Elio D’Amato, Investment Expert, Stockopedia Aus & NZ

Whether interest rates start to drop or not, the share market’s relatively robust at the moment. That’s according to investment expert Elio D’Amato, Team Member at Stockopedia Aus & NZ.… Read more

Karen Gately, CEO, Corporate Dojo

This year’s Australia Day holiday fell on a Thursday. Some employees around the country saw that as an opportunity to take a sickie, and have an extra-long weekend.… Read more

Hamid Senni, D&I and Culture Transformation Consultant, Vision Enabler

Is your workforce as diverse as the customers they serve? It’s an important question to ask. As a Diversity & Inclusion and Culture Transformation Consultant, Hamid Senni explains how diversifying your workforce can lead to new efficiencies and a better customer experience.… Read more

Maree Kirkpatrick, Sales and Business Strategist

Understanding your clients’ needs and desires is a crucial step in the sales process. And it’s only through asking the right questions and having the ability to listen well, that you can source this information.… Read more