Marnie Jones, Director, Talent X

A manager needs to embody a group of distinct archetypes if they are to reach their full potential, according to recruitment expert and Director of Talent X, Marnie Jones.… Read more

Cheryl-Anne Laird, Head of the HR and IR Division, Mazars

Soon, employees will have the legal right to ignore contact from their employer after hours. The “right to disconnect” law takes effect in August this year for employers other than small business operators.… Read more

Anne Nalder, CEO, Small Business Association of Australia

Small business owners need dual personalities, says Anne Nalder, CEO of the Small Business Association of Australia. As well as being a brave entrepreneur, she says there’s also a diligent, prudent side that needs to be nourished if a business is to be successful.… Read more

Dr Paige Williams, Leadership Expert

A generation vital to the workplace, Millennials, or Gen Y’s, are now approaching their mid-40’s. As lovers of technology, they’re not fearful of AI, but rather engage with it to seek workplace improvement and explore how it can improve the world around us.… Read more

George Hawwa, Growth Director, Attention Experts

Building brand value rather than just brand awareness, and understanding algorithm requirements, is the secret to success on social media, says George Hawwa, Growth Director of social media agency, Attention Experts.… Read more

Professor Robert Brooks, Professor of Economics and Statistics, Monash University

A measly $325 in small business energy relief in the 2024 Federal Budget has left business owners deflated. At a time of often drastic economic uncertainty in the sector, there was a valid expectation that more assistance would have been forthcoming.… Read more

John Wood, Founder, The Realm of Possibility

As a businessman, John Wood built Fleetwood Corporation – the largest integrated company of its type in Australia, with caravan parks, park homes, lifestyle villages and much else in between.… Read more

Roxanne Calder, Managing Director, EST10

If you’re wondering how other businesses are handling their teams working-from-home, you might be surprised that most people are coming back to the office.… Read more

Charlotte Blair, Partner, The Strengths Partners

Most of us at some stage will suffer from imposter syndrome – that feeling of fraud-like inadequacy, despite having a reputation for success.… Read more