Matthew Michalewicz, CEO, Complexica

Writing down your goals is one thing, but following through on them to achieve success is quite another. You could do worse than follow the advice of entrepreneur Matthew Michalewicz.… Read more

Karen Gately, CEO, Corporate Dojo

Promising your employees bonuses or promotions, but never following through is known as “breadcrumbing”. The term originates from modern dating, where someone is being led-on with small morsels of interest, like phone calls and texts, but nothing eventuates.… Read more

Alan Rodway, Business Coach and Leadership Expert

Getting advice and direction can be hard, especially for resource-poor small businesses. Extra pairs of eyes from outside can be invaluable to the growth and success of a business.… Read more

Anneli Blundell, Speaker and Author

How effective is the annual performance review? And is there a better way?

Timely and targeted conversations are much more effective ways to help your staff perform their best, says Anneli Blundell, co-author of ‘Developing Direct Reports’.… Read more

Kerry Boulton, Founder and CEO, The Exit Strategy Group

If you haven’t started planning yet, now’s the time. That’s according to Kerry Boulton, Founder & CEO of The Exit Strategy Group, and author of ‘Million Dollar Pay Day – How To Get Rich And Get Out…Creating The Perfect Exit Strategy and Life After Business’.… Read more

Amantha Imber, Founder and Chief Maker, Inventium

Risk taking should be encouraged if you want to see your business innovate. That’s the message from Amantha Imber, CEO of Inventium and author of ‘The Innovation Formula’.… Read more