Karen Gately, CEO, Corporate Dojo

An HR manager with commercial nous is invaluable. Not only can an effective HR team help work through complex business challenges and sensitive issues, they can also assist with achieving longer term, strategic objectives.… Read more

Deepra Sen, Associate Director, Mazars

About 5 million Australians claimed work-from-home expenses last financial year. Now, the ATO is cracking down on the fixed-rate method – you’ll need to record the total number of hours worked from home.… Read more

Adrian Baillargeon, Leadership Team Performance Specialist

An honest open workplace is the first step to ensuring your team can work together at their optimum. Hidden issues fester, eventually leading to mistrust and a strained working environment.… Read more

Karen Stein, Executive Coach

Many successful business owners swear by the advantage of having a business coach. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find the right one, and even when you do, they’re not always available when you need them.… Read more

James Smith, CEO, Smith Brothers Media

Keeping up with technology is not just for enthusiasts or developers. Being aware of new technology in your industry, that streamlines process or enhances user experience is critically important, because, as James Smith, CEO of digital agency Smith Brothers Media says, if you’re up to date, your competitors will be, which could mean you’re already behind.… Read more

Helen Baker, Financial Advisor

Australians are a caring and sharing lot. Some 25 percent of us volunteer on a formal basis. A lot of companies allow their staff to take time off for volunteering activities, including the state emergency services, rural fire brigades, environmental organisations, and so on.… Read more