Greg Keady, Executive Director and Principal Advisor, APW Partners

How are you supposed to make money from your savings in this ridiculously low interest rate environment? That’s a question many investors have been asking themselves when they look at the measly returns they get from term deposits or money in the bank.… Read more

Brian Hartzer, Former Westpac CEO

Former Westpac CEO, Brian Hartzer, has spent more than 30 years in financial institutions in Australia and overseas observing and applying lessons on how to build highly engaged teams.… Read more

Michael Solomon, Customer Engagement Expert

The labels marketers use to describe consumers no longer serve the purpose they used to. That’s according to customer engagement expert, Michael Solomon, whose new book, ‘The New Chameleons’, outlines how consumers defy the categories in which businesses often put them.… Read more

Matthew Michalewicz, CEO, Complexica

Writing down your goals is one thing, but following through on them to achieve success is quite another. You could do worse than follow the advice of entrepreneur Matthew Michalewicz.… Read more

Karen Gately, CEO, Corporate Dojo

Promising your employees bonuses or promotions, but never following through is known as “breadcrumbing”. The term originates from modern dating, where someone is being led-on with small morsels of interest, like phone calls and texts, but nothing eventuates.… Read more