Michelle Gibbings, Workplace Expert and Author

There’s nothing good about bad bosses. Often, they are the reason a workplace is toxic, they can lead team members to suffer stress and mental health problems, and they’re the cause of staff turnover.… Read more

Todd Foot, CEO, Hatch Brands

The CEO of Hatch Brands, Todd Foot, is carving an impressive niche into the e-commerce landscape. With his focus on acquiring and investing in ‘Mum-and-Dad’ small businesses, particularly those in the homewares space, Todd discusses his strategies to help these businesses thrive in the digital age.… Read more

Mark LeBusque, Leadership Author, Speaker & Coach

What if business owners and managers treated their staff like… humans? Well as far as Mark LeBusque is concerned, not enough workplaces run with humans in mind, expecting a more robotic type response.… Read more

Colleen Callander, Author, Business & Leadership Coach

Colleen Callander is a self-confessed recovering workaholic. Indeed, her hard work, street smarts and passion for retail catapulted her to the heights of CEO at Sportsgirl and Sussan.… Read more