Scott Stein, Leadership Speaker and Author

How often do we hear that there’s never enough time in the day? Often, right? Well, perhaps if those meetings were purpose-driven, you and the team could get more of the important work done.… Read more

Esther De La Cruz, Director and Change Specialist

Change is inevitable but managing it badly can lead to an exodus of great staff. So, change specialist Esther De La Cruz has some advice, be as transparent and communicative as possible.… Read more

Tracey Mylecharane, Lawyer

Lawyer Tracey Mylecharane has had plenty of distressed business owners come to her with cease-and-desist letters, following a new product or service launch that’s infringed on existing registered trademarks.… Read more

Danny Lessem, CEO and Founder, ELMO Software

Gen Z exudes confidence while looking into darkness. That’s according to the latest Employee Sentiment Index conducted by ELMO Software.… Read more

Anthony Healy, CEO & MD, Australian Business Growth Fund

There are four ways small businesses can benefit from a hit of growth capital. Anthony Healy, CEO and MD of the Australian Business Growth Fund, says swapping a minority share of your business for a large injection of capital can help SMEs accelerate their growth, open new business opportunities, free up resources and provide additional expertise and access to new networks.