Michelle Gibbings, Workplace Expert and Author

There’s nothing good about bad bosses. Often, they are the reason a workplace is toxic, they can lead team members to suffer stress and mental health problems, and they’re the cause of staff turnover.… Read more

Peter Wolski, Head of Information and Cyber Security, MYOB

The world’s cyber criminals appear to have noticed that more businesses have gone online over the pandemic period, with a 13% increase last year in scam activity alone in Australia.… Read more

Rob Hartnett, Executive Coach and Author

‘It’s All Possible!’ – the book title sums up Rob Hartnett’s positive approach to personal development and business. From positive thinking to positive action, he says we can all achieve our dreams.… Read more

Les Watson, Small Business Coach and Productivity Expert

If you find you don’t ever have enough time in your day, it might be because you are saying yes to everything that comes your way.… Read more

Remi Pearson, Founder, The Coaching Institute

A coach of coaches, Remi Pearson has built an international training business by practicing what she preaches. In her book “Simple Strategies for Business Success,” she promises to reveal how to dominate markets and conquer competition by giving value to customers, rather than just seeing them as a source of cashflow.

Sean Edwards, Managing Director, Café Culture International

The price of your favourite cup of coffee is about rise by around a dollar thanks to a perfect storm of supply issues, bad weather and changing economics in the countries that traditionally grow the bean.… Read more