Andrew May, CEO & Founder, StriveStronger

It’s a fine line: having the perseverance and grit to constantly manage a business, without succumbing to burnout. Andrew May, CEO of StriveStronger, recognises the challenge businesses face and says looking after your physical and psychological wellbeing is paramount to a healthy business.… Read more

Matthew Michalewicz, CEO, Complexica

Writing down your goals is one thing, but following through on them is quite another. Entrepreneur Matthew Michalewicz has developed several technology companies in the US and Australia, his last achieving revenue from start-up to $20m in just 7 years.… Read more

Michael Solomon, International Speaker & Author

The labels marketers use to describe consumers no longer serve the purpose they used to. That’s according to customer engagement expert, Michael Solomon, whose book, ‘The New Chameleons’, outlines how consumers defy the categories in which businesses often put them.… Read more