Michelle Gibbings, Workplace expert and author

There’s nothing good about bad bosses. Often, they are the reason a workplace is toxic, they can lead team members to suffer stress and mental health problems, and they’re the cause of staff turnover.… Read more

Tim Hoopmann, Business Trainer and Speaker for Beyond Blue

It comes as no surprise that calls to mental health support groups have spiked during COVID-19. In particular, business owners have been doing it really tough with the awful potential of closure, laying off staff and simply trying to perform at peak, while the world seems to be crumbling around them.… Read more

Hunter Leonard, Founder & CEO of Silver & Wise

Do you have a problem with employing mature-aged workers? Lots of us do, apparently – and that’s a huge shame, for employers who miss out on the experience that maturity brings and for mature workers as doors slam shut on their employment opportunities.… Read more