Steve Simpson, Corporate Culture Keynote Speaker

The acronym UGRs stands for Unwritten Ground Rules. UGRs drive people’s attitudes and performance in the workplace – but they’re seldom talked about openly and you may have no idea what’s going on behind your back unless you actively check those UGRs out.… Read more

Tristan Wright, Founder & CEO, Evolve to Grow

Sales can be the hurdle some owners just can’t surmount. There are many reasons why people can find sales difficult, but according to business coach and evolve to grow founder Tristan Wright, it all comes down to the sort of confidence that can only come with knowledge.… Read more

Leanne Faulkner, Founder & Small Business Mental Health Advocate, Fortitude at Work

Being your own boss is a dream for a lot of people. But are the shackles really removed? Leanne Faulkner, Founder of Fortitude at Work and a small business mental health advocate, explains how to balance the power you have to ensure you don’t alienate customers, clients and staff, while not losing yourself in the process?

Michael Togias, Restauranteur

After spending seven years at university studying science and engineering, Michael Togias took a major life turn, setting up his first small business enterprise — a lottery shop on Melbourne’s urban fringe — in the year 2000.… Read more