Michelle Bowden, Director, Michelle Bowden Enterprises

How persuasive are you really? Do you struggle to win more business? Do you want to get better at convincing others of your ideas?… Read more

Esther De La Cruz, Director and Change Specialist

Change is inevitable, but managing it badly can lead to the loss of top staff. So change specialist and director Esther De La Cruz has some advice for you: be as transparent and communicative as possible and you may very well retain some of your workforce.… Read more

Scott Stein, Leadership Speaker and Author

How often do we hear that there’s never enough time in the day? Often, right? Well, perhaps if those meetings were purpose-driven, you and the rest of your team could get more important work done.… Read more

James Smith, CEO, Smith Brothers Media

Change may not always be comfortable but often circumstances demand it, as the last few years have demonstrated. James Smith, CEO at digital agency Smith Brothers Media says there’s often key moments or tipping points, when restructuring your business becomes inevitable.… Read more

Les Watson, Small Business Coach and Productivity Expert

There are many types of business coaching, whether it’s for you, your team, or the front-line staff. That’s according to Les Watson, who outlines what you should expect from a business coach.… Read more

James Smith, CEO, Smith Brothers Media

Keeping up with technology is not just for enthusiasts or developers. Being aware of new technology in your industry, that streamlines process or enhances user experience is critically important, because, as James Smith, CEO of digital agency Smith Brothers Media says, if you’re up to date, your competitors will be, which could mean you’re already behind.… Read more

Larissa Walker, eInvoicing Project Business Adoption Director, Australian Tax Office

Today marks the start of eInvoicing week which includes a series of events designed to promote this relatively new way to bill your customers.… Read more