Steve Simpson, Corporate Culture Keynote Speaker

The acronym UGRs stands for Unwritten Ground Rules. UGRs drive people’s attitudes and performance in the workplace – but they’re seldom talked about openly and you may have no idea what’s going on behind your back unless you actively check those UGRs out.… Read more

Bob Beaumont, CEO and Executive Chairman, Beaumont Tiles

Bob Beaumont is one of Australia’s best known entrepreneurs. He’s built Beaumont Tiles from a small fragmented operation back in the 1960s to an empire.… Read more

Mark McCrindle, Principal, McCrindle Research

Move over Gen X, Y and Z. There are new kids on the block, they’re called Generation Alpha, they’re the largest generational group that the world has ever seen – and we should take note of them if we want our businesses to thrive into the future.… Read more

Dr Amy Silver, Psychologist, Trainer & Author

It’s so much easier and safer to isolate ourselves from the uncertainties and risks we face outside our homes, on the street and in the workplace.… Read more

Mandy Holloway, Co-founder, Courageous Leaders

Implementing a business strategy is important: it gives you and your team a clear roadmap to business growth; it outlines the responsibility for each team member; and it keeps everyone accountable and on track.… Read more