Roy Osing, Entrepreneur & Author

It’s not enough to satisfy needs anymore. Instead, great marketing organisations are able to satisfy cravings. That’s according to entrepreneur Roy Osing, who says consumers are willing to pay more money for something they crave than for something they merely need.… Read more

Roy Osing, Entrepreneur & Author

For many in business, it’s hard to avoid the discounting game. When your competitors are all reducing their prices throughout the year and offering seasonal sales, there’s pressure to reduce the dollar figure on your own price tags.… Read more

Alexi Boyd, CEO, Council of Small Business Organisations Australia (COSBOA)

It’s an urgent issue that needs to be immediately addressed: Australian businesses now only have until the end of tomorrow, Tuesday 20th September 2022, to exclusively purchase the domain name of their business or brand, ending in the new suffix “.au”.… Read more

Leela Cosgrove, Founder and CEO, Strategic Anarchy

According to the Founder and CEO of the Strategic Anarchy business consultancy, the “eight percent” describes that segment of the business community that goes beyond just wanting to create financial success.… Read more

Karen Gately, CEO, Corporate Dojo

It’s challenging for companies across most industries to find people right now. An increasingly popular tool is LinkedIn, where people tend to post a comprehensive list of their work history, like a traditional resume.… Read more

Suzanne Mercier, Behaviour Change Expert

Do you often feel like you’re a fraud or a fake? Perhaps you started your business because you were good a particular thing, but then you question whether you’re any good at running a business.… Read more

Adam Selwood, CTO and Co-Founder, Cynch Security

According to government figures, a new cyber-attack happens in Australia every eight minutes, and according to the Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder of Cynch Security, Adam Selwood, it’s a situation that is only getting worse.… Read more