Michael Carrick, Director, The Carrick Group

The frontline of business is customer service. That’s where we engage with customers and – hopefully – persuade people to buy.… Read more

Steve Sammartino, Futurist and Tech expert

Be aware of Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams warns tech expert, Steve Sammartino. He says that scams like these are increasing as improved technology allows scammers to impersonate you and your business.… Read more

Jaquie Scammell, Customer service expert

One of the many consequences of COVID-19 has been the lack of human connection. While technology has filled the gap, it’s as important as ever for businesses to provide that human touch and meaningful customer experience.… Read more

Neville Christie, Serial entrepreneur

What’s likely to drive customers away from your door, never to return? Research shows some underlying factors which will eventually mean survival or not for your business.… Read more