Terry Barridge, Communications Coach, Speech Master Academy

A little doubt can be a good thing, but too much can stop growth and cripple your business.

Coach and keynote speaker, Terry Barridge says confidence comes from doing things you’re familiar with, but if you’re taken out of your comfort zone, do you lose all confidence?… Read more

Diederik Gelderman

Give your team the tools to do their job and watch your business shine. That’s one of the messages from Diederik Gelderman, a successful veterinarian, who now advises others – not just vets – on how to grow successful businesses via his consulting firm, Turbo Charge Your Practice.… Read more

Steve Dawson, Founder and CEO of Grapple, with Matt Ashley and Shaunie Huzzey of Mazars

Let’s be honest, the finance side of running a business isn’t for everyone. It takes up valuable time that could otherwise be spent doing what you do best – growing your customer base, developing product, building networks, winning contracts, all the things that create success.… Read more

Terry Barridge, Communications Coach, Speech Master Academy

Don’t be hung up on making a mistake. It can happen – learn from it and move on. Having the right attitude helps in dealing with the mistake and finding a solution, says business coach and keynote speaker, Terry Barridge.… Read more

Joel Gerschman, Managing Director, The Change Coach

As business owners, we often get stuck in the day-to-day activities, and neglect working on the business. Systemising business processes will allow us to break free.… Read more

Ricky Nowak, Leadership Speaker

What steps are needed to be a great leader and can anyone become one? Ricky Nowak, a leadership speaker and facilitator, has spent much of her career pondering those questions and has some practical solutions on the subject of leadership.… Read more

Muffy Churches, Leadership Performance Coach

Workload is the number one cause of workplace stress, beating job security, life balance and people issues, according to a survey by The American Institute of Stress.… Read more