Adam Selwood, Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder of Cynch Security

With the recent Optus data breach impacting around 10 million Australians, the alarm bells are ringing. People have lost confidence in the brand and customers are concerned about if or how they’ll be impacted.… Read more

Dan Williams, Business Coach, EOS Worldwide

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Nathanael Lee, Partner, Mazars

Protecting assets from risk and unnecessary taxation is an art as much as it is a science. That’s according to Nathanael Lee, partner at Mazars — a leading international audit, tax and advisory firm.… Read more

Dan Williams, Business Coach, EOS Worldwide

Can doubt be beneficial or is it just a dampener on innovation and initiative? Dan Williams is the Asia Pacific Business Coach for EOS Worldwide he says that the role of the sceptic is a critical one and often misunderstood.… Read more

Roy Osing, Entrepreneur & Author

It’s not enough to satisfy needs anymore. Instead, great marketing organisations are able to satisfy cravings. That’s according to entrepreneur Roy Osing, who says consumers are willing to pay more money for something they crave than for something they merely need.… Read more