Helen Baker, Financial Advisor

Australians are a caring and sharing lot. Some 25 percent of us volunteer on a formal basis. A lot of companies allow their staff to take time off for volunteering activities, including the state emergency services, rural fire brigades, environmental organisations, and so on.… Read more

Luke Faccini, Founder and Brand Strategist, The Sponge

Business names can sometimes have a use-by date. If you’re thinking about a name change, there are important things to consider.… Read more

Peter Ivany , Executive Chairman & CEO, Ivany Investment Group

Don’t let bumps in the road get in the way of success. That’s the message from former Hoyts Cinemas CEO, Peter Ivany, who faced many bumps in his journey to take Hoyts from a 40-theatre chain to more than 2000 theatres a decade later.… Read more

Leah Mether, Communications Specialist

We’re facing a world of relentless change and uncertainty right now, from industry transitions, post-pandemic impacts, technology advances, skills shortages, cost-of-living issues, and so on.… Read more

Kerry Boulton, Founder and CEO, The Exit Strategy Group

If you haven’t started planning yet, now’s the time. That’s according to Kerry Boulton, Founder & CEO of The Exit Strategy Group, and author of ‘Million Dollar Pay Day – How To Get Rich And Get Out…Creating The Perfect Exit Strategy and Life After Business’.… Read more

Muffy Churches, Leadership Performance Coach

Workload is the number one cause of workplace stress, beating job security, life balance and people issues, according to a survey by The American Institute of Stress.… Read more