Roy Osing, Entrepreneur

As president, Roy Osing guided Canadian telco Telus Communications to $1 billion in sales. He identifies six major drivers that helped to achieve that growth, including differentiation, planning, and championing the frontline staff.… Read more

Jeff Gieschen, Leadership Consultant

Being a coach and umpire at the highest level of elite AFL sport has taught Jeff “the Giesch” Gieschen a thing or two about leadership and the nurturing of star performers.… Read more

Karen Tisdell, LinkedIn Profile Writer, Trainer & Speaker

More than 60% of Australians over 18 years old have a LinkedIn profile. While the popular social media platform is ideal for sourcing and developing business leads, most people don’t use it effectively, according to Karen Tisdell.… Read more

Elaine Abery, Director, Unravelling Red Tape

When dealing with government, business owners should be concise, polite, and persistent. That’s according to the Director of Unravelling Red Tape, Elaine Abery, whose spent her career battling the bureaucracy on behalf of businesses.… Read more

Karen Gately, CEO, Corporate Dojo

As we head into another year, have you wondered how other businesses are handling their HR function? Karen Gately, Founder and CEO of Corporate Dojo, reflects on the most important trends in HR and workplace culture right now.… Read more