Colleen Callander, Author, Business & Leadership Coach

Colleen Callander is a self-confessed recovering workaholic. Indeed, her hard work, street smarts and passion for retail catapulted her to the heights of CEO of Sportsgirl and Sussan.… Read more

Colin Pearce, Storyteller

Have you got a story to tell? Colin Pearce will say “I hope so!”. Colin has told us many times that a story will beat a power point presentation hands-down if you want to make a meaningful, memorable connection with your audience.… Read more

Peter Ivany, Executive Chairman & CEO, Ivany Investment Group

Don’t let bumps in the road get in your way to success. That’s the message from former Hoyts Cinemas CEO, Peter Ivany, who faced many bumps in his journey to take Hoyts from a 40-theatre chain to more than 2,000 theatres a decade later.… Read more

Rhonda Andrews, Barrington Centre

How many of us just can’t resist a 24/7 connection with the outer world – as if our businesses will suffer big time if we’re not contactable day and night?… Read more

Sue Barrett, Founder, Barrett Consulting Group

Have you come across an unethical self-promoter? You know the one: someone who claims to know everything, lies compulsively, talks about him or herself, offers too-good-to-be-true promises, and takes advantage of others.… Read more