Bruce Billson, Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman

Changes to the Franchising Code of Conduct are rolling out in 2021, after years of scandals and enquiries into the sector.… Read more

Angie Winton, Financial Advisory Specialist, Mazars

Want to know what your business is really worth? Well instead of “maybe…” or “hopefully…” or “if we’re really lucky…”, why not eliminate the guess work and get a proper valuation done?… Read more

Rhonda Andrews, Barrington Centre

Let’s be honest, COVID’s exhausting. But are you coping? Or are you reaching the end of your tether – which can be a whole lot more dangerous, according to corporate psychologist Rhonda Andrews.… Read more

Jeremy Meltzer, Founder and CEO, i=Change

We pick up from the previous episode, talking to Founder and CEO Jeremy Meltzer, who explains the practicalities of integrating with his successful online retail giving platform, i=change.… Read more

Keith Davison, Partner and COO, Dovetail

How many times have you said or heard “I’ve got a great business idea!” Well, if indeed the idea is sound but lacks the funds or tech know-how to build, then Dovetail Ventures is for you.… Read more

Stephen Baxter, Director and Head of the Australian Indirect Tax Division, Mazars

NSW property purchasers take heart! If you’re fed up with the onerous transaction costs associated with buying a property – especially those upfront stamp duty payments – you’ll be interested in moves by the New South Wales government to reform the property tax system.… Read more