Karen Gately, CEO, Corporate Dojo

Promising your employees bonuses or promotions, but never following through is known as “breadcrumbing”. The term originates from modern dating, where someone is being led-on with small morsels of interest, like phone calls and texts, but nothing eventuates.… Read more

Elaine Abery, Director, Unravelling Red Tape

When dealing with government, business owners should be concise, polite, and persistent. That’s according to the Director of Unravelling Red Tape, Elaine Abery, whose spent her career battling the bureaucracy on behalf of businesses.… Read more

Elizabeth Huxley, General Manager of Working Capital, Commonwealth Bank

Inflation, supply chains, staff retention, a possible global downturn. There are so many issues facing businesses now, and they all end in one place: a cash flow spiral.… Read more

Jaemin Frazer, Founder, The Insecurity Project

It’s something a lot of people would never admit to being. Insecurity manifests itself in many ways but can have a devastating effect if left unchecked and unresolved.… Read more