Cinzia Cozzolino, Founder and CEO, The Smoothie Bombs

Cinzia Cozzolino started her smoothie business almost by accident. After she started preparing delicious nutritional smoothies for her daughter, word got out.… Read more

Anna Marshall, Director, People Mastery

There is, as they say, a first time for everything. And that includes stepping into a leadership role. To help first-time managers, we hear from leadership expert Anna Marshall, founder of People Mastery and author of ‘On you marks, get set…LEAD!:… Read more

Tamara Oppen, Vice President, Developed English Markets,

Online spending went through the roof during the pandemic, as consumers stuck at home relied on ordering goods that could be delivered to their door.… Read more

Matthew Addison, Chair, Council of Small Business Associations Australia

New rules have come into effect that may change the way some small businesses undertake recruitment. It’s now illegal to advertise jobs that pay below the minimum wage — or award — for every job.… Read more

Colin Pearce, Business Coach

If you ask questions and listen to the answers, you will learn what your customers want. Selling becomes easier and you don’t have to talk so much, says sales expert Colin Pearce.… Read more

Professor Neville Norman, University of Melbourne

Australia looks unlikely to fall into a recession, though we will experience lower growth. That’s the prognosis of our regular economics commentator, Melbourne University Professor Neville Norman.… Read more