Karen Gately, CEO, Corporate Dojo

Have you considered offering pay rises to your staff to reflect the rise in inflation? There’s a lot to consider, including whether you can afford it, whether your staff deserves it, and what the right salary is for your industry.… Read more

Tony Gattari, Business Coach

Too often we’re fixated on finding new customer leads. It’s what sales guru Tony Gattari calls “lead madness”. First and foremost, he says, you need to be able to accurately measure the different variables in your sales and marketing process: customers, transactions, and average dollar sales.… Read more

Sue Barrett, Director, Barrett Consulting Group

Have you come across an unethical self-promoter? You know the one: someone who claims to know everything, lies compulsively, talks about him or herself, offers too-good-to-be-true promises, and takes advantage of others.… Read more

Professor Neville Norman, University of Melbourne

The Reserve Bank of Australia is in the spotlight as its board moves to combat inflation by hiking interest rates — in spite of having promised not to do so.… Read more

Leela Cosgrove, Founder and CEO, Strategic Anarchy

Many small business owners spend too much time and money outsourcing core tasks like sales and marketing when they should have a handle on them themselves.… Read more

Despina Karatzias, General Manager, Navii Digital

Several recent surveys have shown that a huge proportion of Australian SMEs have yet to make the transition to selling online.… Read more

Alexi Boyd, CEO, Council of Small Business Organisations Australia (COSBOA)

Economic figures published by the government are leaving small businesses behind, according to the CEO of the Council of Small Business Organisations Australia, Alexi Boyd.… Read more

Jeff Gieschen, Leadership Consultant

Being a coach and umpire at the highest level of elite AFL sport has taught Jeff “the Giesch” Gieschen a thing or two about leadership and the nurturing of star performers.… Read more