Alan Rodway, Business coach

Don’t look back! If ever there was a message from veteran leadership expert and business coach Alan Rodway, it’s that we can learn from the past, but we most definitely mustn’t return to the past if we want to find success in the coming year.… Read more

Colin Pearce, Sales trainer and author

If you ask questions and listen to the answers, you will learn what your customers want. Selling becomes easier and you don’t have to talk so much, says sales expert Colin Pearce.… Read more

Ken Segall, Author, Insanely Simple

Apple worked hard to keep things simple – we see it everyday in its products and its success. From the man who named the iMac and who was integral to Apple’s ‘Think Different’ marketing campaign, Creative Director Ken Segall spent 12 years working with Steve Jobs and experienced first-hand his obsession with keeping things simple.… Read more

Nerida O’Loughlin, Chair of the Australian Communications and Media Authority

In early July 2020 the Woolworths Group was fined $1M for significantly breaching spam laws. The highest amount ever issued by the Australian Communications and Media Authority or ACMA.… Read more

Ty Giuliani, Selling Made Social

LinkedIn is one of the best social media platforms for reaching out individually to prospective clients. The problem is, insists LinkedIn expert Ty Giuliani, business owners aren’t active enough to get the results.… Read more