Michael Haynes, Listen Innovate Grow

How should B2Bs approach buying in a changed and volatile market, since the impact of the pandemic? Michael Haynes is a SME Business Growth Specialist and Principal Consultant of Listen Innovate Grow.… Read more

Mandy Holloway, Co-Founder, Courageous Leaders

Workplace cultures are best built with intention, and not from spontaneous chats in the corridor or shop floor. Executive coach Mandy Holloway, co-founder of Courageous Leaders, says the old, lazy way of just saying “how are things” when bumping into people has exacerbated the problem as staff work from home.… Read more

Paul Brennan, Principal, Brennans Solicitors

If you’re buying a business, be careful of those restraint of business clauses. And take a very good look at the person who is selling the business to you, warns solicitor, Paul Brennan, Principal at Brennans Solicitors.… Read more

Frank Wyatt, Strategic Advisor, Enterprising Partnerships

Work hard, finish school, go to university and you’ll be sure of a good job. Right? Wrong! Says Frank Wyatt, who believes we’ve been telling lies to young people for way too long.… Read more

Mark LeBusque, Speaker, Author and Coach

What if business owners and managers treated their staff like… humans? Well as far as Mark LeBusque is concerned, not enough workplaces run with humans in mind, expecting a more robotic type response.… Read more

Paul Brennan, Principal, Brennans Solicitors

If you’re looking to grow your business, one option is to buy another business. But be very careful. Legal expert Paul Brennan says there are many things you need to be aware of, for example: why is the owner of the business selling, what’s in the fine print, and have you done your due diligence?… Read more