Professor Neville Norman, Melbourne University and Michael Jones, Mazars

Another federal Budget is behind us, offering massive spending programs to improve services, boost jobs and to steer the country out of the coronavirus crisis.… Read more

John Wood, Founder, The Realm of Possibility

As a businessman, John Wood built Fleetwood Corporation – the largest integrated company of its type in Australia, with caravan parks, park homes, lifestyle villages and much else in between.… Read more

Alison Hill, Co-founder & CEO, Pragmatic Thinking

One of the positives that’s come out of the past year of COVID-related lockdowns and restrictions, has been the revelation that many employees can work from anywhere.… Read more

Darrell Hardidge, CEO, SAGUITY

Don’t be complacent with how you think and feel about your customers — it could ruin you.

Thanks to the internet, your loyal following could easily be gone tomorrow as they find cheaper alternatives online.… Read more

Angela Lockwood, Occupational Therapist

It’s hard to ignore the negativity and pessimism splashed across the news and in our social media feeds. Well, here’s an idea: how about switching them off for a while?… Read more

Anneli Blundell, Speaker and Author

Don’t have the time or inclination to help develop the people around you into leaders? Think again.

So says consultant Anneli Blundell, co-author of Developing Direct Reports: Taking the guesswork out of leading leaders.… Read more