Nick Schildberger, Managing Director, SoundCartel

This is the 100th episode of Business Essentials Daily! And what better way to celebrate than by exploring the power of podcasting with our very own Managing Director of SoundCartel, Nick Schildberger.… Read more

Lionel Green, Principal at Meltzer Green Lawyers

Like a pre-nuptial agreement, a shareholder agreement is prepared for a new business – or the restructuring of an existing business – when partners’ hopes and goodwill towards each other are at an all-time high.… Read more

Michael Jones, Mazars

Selling your business assets tax free, with generous contribution allowances into superannuation – that’s the Small Business CGT concession 15-year exemption and it’s a great tax concession for business owners.… Read more

Peter Buckingham, Managing Director, Spectrum Analysis

Is the tide turning for our major shopping centres, once a magnet for every hip fashionista in town? As COVID takes its toll on retailers everywhere, those with clout are fighting back against continuing high rents being demanded by some shopping centre leasing agents – and it’s changing the whole shopping experience.… Read more